What’s that blue bird?

Western Bluebird

Did you see that bright blue bird? The eye-catching blue bird is our native Western Bluebird. They are about 7 inches long and are common across much of the west. The adult male is deep blue with a blue throat and a rusty colored chest and the belly is blueish gray. The female colors are brownish gray with a gray throat and chest and dull blue on the wings and tail.

Male Western Bluebird showing his eye-catching blue colors
Beautiful Western Bluebird
Western Bluebird house in a clearing between trees.

They prefer open woodlands with grass and trees, so you can see them in many of Roseville’s open space preserves. They make their nests in natural cavities of trees or special nest boxes. The Western Bluebird eats insects and spiders in summer but in fall and winter they turn to berries.

Audobon Society has great information on Building your own nest box, made especially for the Western Bluebird.

Hear the Western Bluebird song and learn more about them at Cornell University's All About Birds

You can download their free Merlin ap which has photos, information and now can identify bird songs.

Want to encourage Western Bluebirds in our area? Planting native trees and plants supports native wildlife by providing food and habitat. The California Native Plant Society can help you decide which plants are best for your landscape with their Calscape garden planner.

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