Valley Oak

Quercus lobata


The Valley Oak is the tallest oak in North America. Native to California’s valleys and foothills especially near rivers, it forms a large tree with spreading branches that may hang down to the ground. The leaves are deeply lobed and stay green in summer, unlike the Blue Oak. Large acorns are produced when the tree becomes mature.


This California native oak does best with very infrequent summer irrigation.

Valley Oak

Height: 40 to 90 feet
Spread: 50 to 90 feet
Growth Rate: moderate to fast

Irrigation needed: very low to low water
Fall Color: none
Flowers:  catkins, not showy, in spring
Seeds/Fruit: large acorns (2 to 3 inches)

Planting Distances
Front of green utility box: 8 feet
Building, paving, swimming pool: 20 feet
Fence, underground utilities: 6 feet
Overhead, high voltage lines: 30 feet