Hedge Maple

Acer campestre


This is a beautiful maple with a dense, rounded canopy. It has rounded leaves, in contrast to the pointed leaves of most maples. It is late to color in the fall with soft, golden foliage that is not especially bright.


The Hedge Maple is tougher than most maples, tolerating poor growing conditions and air pollution, and resisting pests and diseases better than other maples. Given good drainage and medium water, it will be a beautiful green presence in the garden from spring to fall.

Hedge Maple

Height: 25 to 35 feet
Spread: 30 to 45 feet
Growth Rate: moderate

Irrigation needed: low to medium water
Fall Color: yellow
Flowers:  inconspicuous
Seeds/Fruit: winged seed 2 inches long

Planting Distances
Front of green utility box: 8 feet
Building, swimming pool: 15 feet
Fence, paving, underground utilities: 6 feet
Overhead, high voltage lines: 20 feet

Leaves and Seeds