Kousa Dogwood

Cornus kousa


This uncommon dogwood tree has large, creamy-white blooms in spring and red-to-maroon leaves in the fall. Bright red fruits decorate the branches in winter and are attractive to birds. It tends to grow as a multi-trunked tree and is useful in narrow areas.


The Kousa Dogwood is more successful in our hot summer climate than the Flowering Dogwood.

Kousa Dogwood

Height: 20 to 25 feet
Spread: 20 to 25 feet
Growth Rate: moderate

Irrigation needed: medium water
Fall Color: red to maroon
Flowers:  large, creamy-white
Seeds/Fruit: bright red fruits

Planting Distances
Front of green utility box: 8 feet
Building, paving, swimming pool: 6 feet
Fence, underground utilities: 3 feet
OK to plant under high voltage lines

Fall Leaves
Seed Pod