Partner links

Adelante High School students help with tree plantings and our Library book project. Adelante also hosts our monthly board meetings.

City of Roseville Open Space provides locations for tree plantings and the trees and materials to plant trees

ECORP Consulting provides us with office space

Sacramento Tree Foundation partners with us on projects

Other links

Arbor Day Foundation has lots of information about tree benefits, choosing trees, specific trees, and tree care topics

CalFire Urban and Community Forestry provides information and funding to improve the forest we live in.

Tree Benefit Calculator lets you enter the size and type of your trees and will return a detailed accounting of the value of benefits such as storm-water management, shading, property value increase, pollution reduction.

International Society of Arboriculture provides information and recommendations for hiring tree professionals

Roseville Electric (Shade Tree Program) Find out how to get a rebate for your new shade trees