Its Autumn and the leaves are coloring beautifully!

Colorful fall leaves

The tree leaves got washed off in the recent rain and now the tree leaves are turning beautiful colors. Different trees have different colors that show up as the green color of summer fades from the leaves. I never can decide if I like the dark wine colored Japanese Dogwoods, or the orange/reds of the Chinese Pistache, the golden colors of the Ginkgo or the multi-colored leaves of the Western Redbud.

I do know that this colorful season lasts only a few weeks so I'm trying to enjoy the colorful trees as often as I can. Soon they will be on the ground and I'll be raking them up. I hope you get a chance to enjoy them also.

Fall is a great time to plant a tree, the roots can get established during the winter and spring and are ready to face Summer's heat. Our Selecting Trees pages help you figure out what to think about when you choose a tree and gives you information and photos of trees that do well in the Roseville area. Roseville residents can get a Shade Tree rebate from the Roseville Electric Utility. If you need some guidance, contact us.