Get Involved

Participate in events, volunteer and explore the beauty of your local community.

Participate, Volunteer and Enjoy!

Participate in an educational offering, volunteer at a tree-planting event or just explore the beauty of your surroundings. Be part of a positive and friendly community looking to improve their knowledge and the world around them.


Join Us for Plantings and More

Help plant native trees! We will be planting native trees and shrubs with your help. The trees are small and holes are pre-dug for us, so these are family friendly events. Family Friendly, Native Tree Planting Event at Dugan Park. Holes are pre-dug allowing all ages to participate. Just bring yourself, your tree-loving friends & family! Beverages and tools are provided.



Learning Workshops and Fairs

Come learn about possible trees for your landscape, then meet one-on-one with a Community Forester to discuss your property and tree needs. These experts will guide you through the decision process to help you choose trees that will grow vigorously in your yard for years to come.

Maidu Event

Thinking about a new landscape or renewing the one you have? Trees are a great benefit to your home and family, as long as their planting is planned out. We will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to plan and implement your project. From tips on dealing with hard soil to how to keep your trees healthy and vigorous, we will show you how to plan trees into a great landscape to last a lifetime. Whether you do it yourself or hire landscape professionals, this workshop is for you.

Roseville Shade Tree Program — SUSPENDED

In the past RUFF has had a contract with Roseville Electric to administer the Roseville Shade Tree Program. Major parts of that program have been suspended due to Covid-19, and RUFF is not actively providing site visits under that program.


RUFF is, however, still providing advice on tree selection, siting, planting, and care. Contact us at 916-250-2902 or for more information.


If you feel that you might be eligible for a rebate for a shade tree purchase under the Roseville Shade Tree Program, contact Roseville Electric at 916-797-6937.

How You Can Help

  • Contact Roseville Electric

    If you liked the Roseville Shade Tree Program and would like to see it fully reinstated, contact Roseville Electric at 916-797-6937, and tell them what a good program it has been.

  • Donate

    We realize this is a difficult time for all, and we are no exception. We welcome donations of both time and money. Please contact us at 916-250-2902 or Thank you.

Roseville Places to Explore!

Check out the links below for details

Bike trails, open spaces, parks, museums, libraries―there is so much to check out in Roseville!

Roseville Parks, Trails & Bikeways Map

  • Biking and Walking Trails in Roseville

    Roseville biking and walking trails can help you get around town and travel through some beautiful areas of native trees.

  • Open Space Preserves

    Open space preserves have been set aside to help keep native plants and animals thriving. Most are along streams or creaks and many are reached by the bike path system.

  • Roseville Parks

    Parks are the “green lungs of the city”. You can enjoy varied activities in the parks. Feel free to thank a tree as you breathe in the air they purified for you while sitting in the shade.

  • Maidu Indian Museum

    Maidu Indian Museum showcases the lives and culture of first people who lived in Roseville. You can see artifacts and tour sites in this preserved area within Maidu Park.

  • Roseville Utility Exploration

    Roseville Utility Exploration center has displays and activities for kids and adults on environmental topics. Their gardening seminars are a great way to learn to work with nature in your own landscape. Surrounding the Martha Riley Library are landscaping and trees with informational signs. It’s a good place to see specific trees you might be interested in adding to your landscape.

Roseville Red Sculpture Bike Trail

Need advice? Ask us a question. We're here to help!