Benefits of Urban Forests

Why urban forests are critical to our health and quality of life

Life-Giving Forests

Urban forests benefit our health and quality of life both locally and globally. Help us improve the tree canopy in the Roseville California area through tree plantings and education on the value and care of trees. Here are some of the many gifts trees give us:

  • Trees produce oxygen and reduce global warming

    Trees release oxygen as a product of photosynthesis. Two medium-sized, healthy trees can supply the oxygen required for a single person for a year.

  • Trees clean the air

    Trees clean the air by absorbing greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming; they store carbon dioxide, the primary greenhouse gas, in their stems and leaves. Trees capture airborne particles such as dirt, dust and soot.

  • Trees and sidewalk gardens reduce flooding and water pollution

    During rainstorms, water can overload our combined storm-sewer system, resulting in polluted runoff.  This runoff contains chemicals washed from our streets by the rain.  Trees reduce this problem by capturing rain; a mature tree can store 50 to 100 gallons of water during large storms, and the concrete removed from our sidewalks for street trees and sidewalk gardens allows rain to soak into the soil.

  • Trees contribute to physical and mental health

    Trees and sidewalk gardens promote exercise. Residents living in “greener” surroundings report lower levels of fear, fewer incivilities, and less violent behavior, because greenery promotes a greater sense of community and alleviates mental fatigue.

green belt walkway

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