Arbor Week

It's California Arbor Week in Roseville!

California goes big and celebrates an entire Arbor Week.

National Arbor Day is celebrated in April, but in our hot region it's better to do public tree plantings and events in March when the weather is still cool.

Arbor Day is a great time to appreciate the gifts that trees bring.

Mother and daughter planting an oak seedling
Healthy family teaching daughter to ride bike

Trees improve health. There are a number of university studies that show that neighborhoods with trees improve residents' physical and mental health. This results in lower incidence of many chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and low birth-weight babies.

Neighborhoods with trees have reduced crime and stronger neighborhood relationships. People feel safer in neighborhoods with trees. This results in reduced violent and non-violent crime in the neighborhood and encourages people to spend time outside.

Neighbors talking
Stream with trees  in the fall

Clean air and water result from trees filtering out pollutants, providing us with cleaner air to breathe and cleaner water in our waterways. Not to mention that all green plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

Trees give us shade that reduces the ambient temperature of houses and neighborhoods, keeping people more comfortable and reducing the need for air conditioning. Air conditioning requires massive amounts of electric energy generation, so reducing it helps keep electric bills low and reduces air pollution.

If you are in the market for a shade tree, check with your local electric utility; they may have a rebate or tree program.

Couple walking bikes under trees
Western bluebird on tree branches

We enjoy the beauty and wildlife that trees add to our neighborhoods. This beautiful Western Bluebird is sitting in a native oak tree, probably looking for its next meal of insects and spiders. They nest in trunk cavities or bluebird boxes that people provide.

Learn how to build a Bluebird nest box.

I hope you can get outside and enjoy some trees, and their benefits, during Arbor Week!

Have tree questions? We provide free advice and tree recommendations to residents in the Roseville California area.