Native tree plantings

Since 1995, RUFF has organized public plantings of native trees in the City Open Space Preserves. These trees are planted using Tree Mitigation Funds which were set aside during development to “replace” the trees removed during construction. While the seedlings and acorns cannot actually replace the benefits of a mature native oak, the have the potential to grow as large in time. We work in partnership with the Open Space Division of the Parks, Recreation and Libraries department to identify possible locations, plant and maintain the trees. We have planted over 2000 trees and several thousand acorns. We plant small seedling trees and acorns because oaks have a deep root system which establishes best from these small trees. Many of the plantings have tree shelters, which protect the trees from browsing animals for the first few years. When first planted, the trees are shorter than the shelter, but within a year usually, the tree grows tall enough to be seen above the shelter. Once trees are taller than “deer height” they can survive without the shelters. The oldest trees are now 25′ tall and looking quite tree-like.

Volunteers are always welcomed to our tree plantings. These are usually scheduled between November and March so that the young trees can take advantage of the moist soils before the dry season.

Roseville Shade Tree Program

Between 1995 and 2009, RUFF provided the expertise and administration for this popular program while Roseville Electric provided funding, office space and a vehicle. During this time, the program provided over 15,500 shade trees for residential, business, schools and churches to provide cooling shade for energy reduction. Each site received a site visit from a community forester, free trees and planting materials and guidance on tree siting, proper planting and care. Our involvement ended in 2009 due to budget reductions, residents can still get tree rebates, but expert advice is available.

Education programs

Library book donation AOur Library Book program provides tree-themed books to all of public school libraries. We partner with Adelante High School, whose students help select the books. Different books are selected for the different ages and reading levels. Then Adelante students and RUFF volunteers present the books to the libraries. We try to schedule a time for the high school students or volunteers to read the new books to classes. We have provided over 400 library books since 2004.
An important goal of RUFF’s has been to provide resources for people who want to grow trees. We have put on seminars on choosing and planting trees as well as hands-on pruning seminars. Our website has resources on these topics as well as on how to hire an arborist, and how to use trees near solar installations.
RUFF has participated in many Roseville events, such as Earth Day. This gives us an opportunity to provide children with a fun activity and provide and answer questions for adults about trees and tree care.
RUFF believes that good trees need professional tree care and has provided seminars for landscape professionals to further their education in tree topics. Topics included proper tree planting, tree health care, tree pruning and native trees. We ran a special seminar for school custodians who perform much of the tree care on school grounds.

Trees in schools, parks and public spaces

RUFF has organized public plantings in many of the City’s parks (19 plantings) and schools (40 plantings), the Fairgrounds, and three street side plantings.The most prominent of these plantings is the Gateway planting on the north side of Atlantic St between Galleria over-crossing and Wills Rd. The trees were planted to fill an empty area left by road construction. After a three year planning process with the City, volunteers planted them in June 2001.