What We Do:

w-w-d-1Provide consultation and expertise for the Roseville Electric Shade Tree Program

City of Roseville residents are eligible to receive free shade trees through the Roseville Electric Shade

Tree Program thanks to our partnership with Roseville Electric.  Roseville Shade customers can choose from a list of deciduous trees.  Deciduous trees shade your home during the summer and lose their leaves to let the sun warm your home in the winter.  This helps to reduce energy use and costs. You can review our planting guidelines to learn more about selecting the right tree for your space.  Get your free Roseville Electric Shade Trees! Learn more…

  • Virtual Appointments – online with phone support
  • In-Person Assessments – a RUFF staff or trained volunteer will meet you at your home


w-w-d-2Help restore our open spaces and woodlands

Since 1995, RUFF has organized public plantings of native trees in the City Open Space Preserves. These trees are planted using Tree Mitigation Funds which were set aside during development to “replace” the trees removed during construction. We work in partnership with the Open Space Division of the Parks, Recreation and Libraries department to identify possible locations, plant and maintain the trees. We have planted over 2000 trees and several thousand acorns.  Currently there are 30 mitigation sites, including nearly 10,000 trees and covering approximately 80 acres.  With the exception of one site, which is maintained by contract, all other mitigation sites are maintained in –house by city crews. If you would  like to participate in an open space/woodland event check the calendar and contact us.

Help beautify our communities

RUFF has organized public plantings in many of the city’s parks (19 plantings) and schools (40 plantings), the Fairgrounds, and three street side plantings


Help educate our young citizens

Our Library Book program provides tree-themed books to all of public school libraries. We select new titles each year, deliver and read to elementary school classes.  If you would like to participate in the library book program contact us.  Our website has resources on these topics as well as on how to hire an arborist, and how to use trees near solar installations. Arbor Day and Celebrate the Earth Festival events give us an opportunity to provide children with a fun activity and provide and answer questions for adults about trees and tree care.


w-w-d-3Public workshops and seminars

We have put on seminars on choosing and planting trees as well as hands-on pruning seminars. RUFF has provided seminars for landscape professionals to further their education in tree topics that included: proper tree planting, tree health care, tree pruning and native trees. We ran a special seminar for school custodians who perform much of the tree care on school grounds.  If you would like RUFF to do a presentation for your group contact us.

Develop and distribute outreach materials

RUFF board members and volunteers look forward to the opportunities to share with the citizens of Roseville information about trees and the urban forest benefits and concerns at events such as Roseville Arbor Days and Celebrate the Earth Festivals.  If you have an event where you would like RUFF to attend please contact us.

Train Volunteers

Roseville Urban Forest Foundation has trained citizens on proper planting techniques, basic tree care, species identification and assisting in leading community planting and tree maintenance projects.  This hand-on learning is available if you are interested.  To get more information about this contact us.