Places to get out and explore

Bike trails in Roseville can help you get around town and travel through some beautiful areas of native trees.

Open space preserves have been set aside to help keep native plants and animals thriving.
Most are along streams or creaks and many are reached by the bike path system.

Parks are the “green lungs of the city”, you can enjoy varied activities in the parks. Feel free to thank a tree as you breathe in the air they purified for you while sitting in the shade.

Maidu Indian Museum showcases the lives and culture of first people who lived in Roseville. You can see artifacts and tour sites in this preserved area within Maidu Park.

Roseville Utility Exploration center has displays and activities for kids and adults on environmental topics. Their gardening seminars are a great way to learn to work with nature in your own landscape. Surrounding the Martha Riley Library, are landscaping and trees with informational signs. It’s a good place to see specific trees you might be interested in adding to your landscape.