Wireless Zelkova

Zelkova serrata ‘Wireless’


The Wireless Zelkova is a short sibling of the much larger Zelkova. Its a great tree for shading a wide area, while staying short enough to grow under power lines or solar panels. It grows in a spreading vase shape that provides a lot of shade. The leaves turn red or orange in the fall.

Just like full sized Zelkova trees, the Wireless Zelkova tends to form too many branches close into the trunk, simple annual pruning will help it develop a strong and attractive structure.

If you have space for a larger tree, look at the full-sized Zelkova

Height: 20-25 feet
Spread: 25-35 feet
Growth Rate: Moderate to fast

Irrigation needed: medium
Fall Color: Orange/Red
Flowers: Inconspicuous
Fruit: Inconspicuous

Planting Distances
Foundation: 6 feet
Drives/Patios: 6 feet
Fence: 3 feet
OK to grow under high voltage power lines