Trident Maple

Acer buergeranum

Trident Maple

A medium sized tree with an upright to round crown. The leaves have three points and are usually grow densely on the twigs. In the late summer and fall, the Trident Maple will bear small, winged seeds like other maples. Some trees seem to bear great numbers of them, others do not. Trident Maples turn color in the fall, orange to red, but it generally is not super bright.

The Trident Maple usually grows quickly, especially for the first few years. This makes it all the more important to prune it once or twice a year to help it develop a strong architecture. Watch out for co-dominant leaders and remove low branches before they grow large (1-2″).

Trident Maples are useful in smaller locations where a full sized maple would be too big. They do well in lawns or landscapes where they get medium water in the summer.

Height: 25-35 feet
Spread: 20-25 feet
Growth Rate:  Moderate to fast

Irrigation needed: medium
Fall Color: Orange/red
Flowers: Inconspicuous
Seeds/Fruit: Winged seeds about 1 in. long

Planting Distances
Foundation: 15 feet
Drives/Patios: 6 feet
Fence: 6 feet
Too tall for under high voltage power lines