Red Maple

Acer rubrum

Red Maple

Red Maples are large trees that form a canopy with branches that reach upward. They are adaptable to many soils, as long as there is moderate to high water. This makes them well suited to growing in lawns, but they will do poorly in areas with low water.

In the fall, they turn some version of red, not always very showy. They are called Red Maples because they have small, dark red flowers in the late winter and a red leaf stem, rather than their fall color. There are many cultivated varieties that have better fall color, choosing a Red Maple in the fall lets you see the color.

May attract aphids in the spring, avoiding spring application of fertilizer can help. The aphids do not do too much damage, but they can cause honeydew to fall from the tree in a sticky rain.

Red Maples can grow in wet soils, where they often have large surface roots. To avoid surface roots, manage your lawn water so that the lawn is not wet but moist.

Height: 40-50 feet
Spread: 30-40 feet
Growth Rate: Moderate to fast

Irrigation needed: medium to high
Fall Color: not always showy-red
Flowers: very small, red, spring
Seeds/Fruit: Winged seeds

Planting Distances
Foundation: 20 feet
Drives/Patios: 8 feet
Fence: 6 feet
Not suitable for planting under high-voltage electric lines