Little Leaf Linden

Tilia cordata

Little Leaf Linden

The Little Leaf Linden is an attractive tree with a neat, even formal, appearance. It grows in a shape like a giant gumdrop and has heart shaped leaves. It has fragrant, creamy-white flowers in the early summer which are made into teas in its native Europe. In the fall the leaves turn a soft golden yellow. Like any blooming tree, it may attract bees for the 2-3 weeks when it is blooming. The Little Leaf Linden is well suited to a moist but not soggy lawn.

Height: 30-45 feet
Spread: 25-35 feet
Growth Rate:  Moderate

Irrigation needed: medium
Fall Color: Yellow
Flowers: creamy white fragrant clusters, summer
Seeds/Fruit: 1/8″ Pea like seeds attached to a small papery “wing” in late summer

Planting Distances
Foundation: 15 feet
Drives/Patios: 6 feet
Fence: 6 feet
Not suitable for planting under high-voltage electric lines