Kousa Dogwood

Cornus kousa

Kousa Dogwoods have large creamy-white flowers in the late spring and tend to grow as upright shrub-trees. They bloom later in the spring than the more usual Flowering Dogwoods and can take more sun. The showy flowers last for several weeks, looking like ivory stars among the foliage. The leaves turn wine-red in the fall before dropping for the season. As the tree gets mature, some of the flowers will form interesting seed pods, they are bright red, 1″ balls that are eye-catching but not messy.

Because of their small size, Kousas can be used closer to buildings and in areas that have restricted amount of root room. Since they grow rather upright, pruning consists of removing sideways growing shoots that are down low.

To stay healthy and beautiful, they need some afternoon shade and a medium level of water (similar to most landscape plants, but not those labeled for low water or “water wise”). Kousas will not thrive in soil that is poorly drained or over watered (muddy).

Height: 20-25 feet
Spread: 20-25 feet
Growth Rate: Moderate
Fall Color: Wine red
Flowers: large, creamy white stars
Seeds/Fruit: 1″ red

Planting Distances
Foundation: 4 feet
Drives/Patios: 3 feet
Fence: 3 feet
Small trees: 10 feet