Open Space


Since 1995, RUFF has organized public plantings of native trees in the City Open Space Preserves.  These Trees are planted using City of Roseville Tree Mitigation Funds which were set aside during development to “replace” the trees removed during construction.   While the seedlings and acorns cannot actually replace the benefits of a mature native oak , they have the potential to grow as large in time.  We work in partnership with the Open Space Division of the Parks, Recreation and Libraries department to identify possible locations, plant and maintain the trees.  We have planted over 2500 trees and several thousand acorns.  We plant small seedling trees and acorns because oaks have a deep root system which establishes best from these small trees.

Many of the plantings have tree shelters, which protect the trees from browsing animals for the first few years.  When first planted, the trees are shorter than the shelter, but within a year, usually, the tree grows tall enough to be seen above the shelter.  Once trees are taller than “deer height” they can survive without the shelters.  The oldest trees are now 25’ tall and looking quite tree-like.

Volunteers are always welcome to our tree plantings.  These are usually scheduled between November and March so that the young trees can take advantage of the moist soils before the dry season.

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