How To Prune Your Tree

h-t-p-t-1Trees benefit from pruning to help them develop a strong structure and keep it for their entire life. The type of pruning differs between young and mature trees as does who should prune them.Pruning introduction

We encourage owners to train their young trees to encourage them to grow strong and beautiful. This training can be done by owners who understand the principles of the training, have the right tools, and can safely prune while standing on the ground. One benefit of owner-pruning is that it can be done as often as needed to keep the tree growing correctly. This results in smaller cuts, which close faster and helps trees grow up into strong trees faster.

h-t-p-t-2We recommend that owners hire qualified arborists to prune and manage mature and older trees. These professionals have the equipment and expertise to properly and safely prune these larger trees. Not only do larger trees have larger branches which pose risk if improperly cut, but the pruning often needs to be performed high up in the tree which heightens the risk of personal or property injury. Hire a qualified arborist if the branch you want to cut is over 3″ across or if you cannot reach it from the ground.Pruning tools

Pruning is not something people are born knowing, but you can invest a bit of time to learn how to properly and safely prune your trees, and to know when to call in the experts. Pruning what to cut