Roseville Urban Forest Foundation

Trees Improve Our Community

RUFF is a non-profit that works in the Roseville, California area to bring the benefits of trees into our community. Please consider supporting RUFF by becoming a Founding Member in 2024.

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What We Do

  • We help you select appropriate trees for your landscaping and advise on their planting and care.
  • We host public tree plantings in the community.
  • We educate your kids about trees and nature at a local scale.
Selecting Trees

Choosing the proper type, size and location of your tree is critical for long-term success.

Planting Trees

Cultivate a cleaner environment, safer communities, and healthier lives by planting trees.

Tree Care

Learn about proper tree care to maximize the life and benefit of our leafy friends.

Become a Member

RUFF encourages community involvement and welcomes individuals of all ages.

Why Urban Forests?

Urban forests benefit our health and quality of life both locally and globally. Help us improve the tree canopy in the Roseville California area through tree plantings and education on the value and care of trees.


Learn how urban forests benefit our communities.

About Us

25 years of education, plantings and community service!


Contact us with any question. We love helping!


Help provide a healthy, vibrant, sustainable environment.


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