Cultivate a cleaner environment, safer communities, and healthier lives by planting trees.

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Roseville Urban Forest foundation encourages community involvement and welcomes individuals of all ages and experience levels to join us.


What are the benefits of an urban forest to our health and quality of life both locally and globally?

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Get free expert advice on your existing trees or adding new trees to your landscape. Learn how to get a rebate for shade tree purchases.

Non-Profit Organization

What We Do

Roseville Urban Forest Foundation (RUFF) is a 501C3, non-profit organization formed to improve the tree canopy in the Roseville California area through tree plantings and education on the value of trees and how to grow them.

The RUFF Board of Directors consists of local residents who value the benefits that trees bring to our community.

We have benefited from working with volunteer groups from Hewlett Packard Sustainability Group, Rotary, REI, neighborhood associations, local high schools and Sierra College.


Arbor Day

Arbor Day is when people all over the world come together to plant and appreciate the beauty and contributions of trees to their community. In Roseville, we usually team up with the City of Roseville and a local school to plant some trees and provide fun activities for the kids. Past Arbor Day trees grace many of the schools and parks in Roseville.

California celebrates Arbor Day in March rather than in April because our ground doesn’t freeze in the winter and we have an earlier spring than many states.


Library Book Project

We have been giving tree and nature books to public school libraries in Roseville for seven years. We choose books that promote understanding and appreciation of the importance of trees and their place in the natural world.


Community Events

Visit us at community gatherings such as Earth Day and other local events.

How we help

Public Land

RUFF works with the City of Roseville’s Mitigation Fund to provide trees for publicly owned properties in Roseville. RUFF provides advice on the best trees for the location and how to properly plant tree, arranges the logistics and the City provides funding.

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